Sean Alger

I have been in the business for more years than I would like to say and have worked with many different Executive Search firms.  Benchmark Executive Search is different.  It’s too simple to say they are better, but they are and I will mention some of those things later.  What needs to be mentioned first is the kind of person Jeremy King and the folks he hires are.  They are driven by a mission, not the dollar.  They deeply care.  They want the very best for a company they represent and the candidate they represent.  They play this game above board.  They are honest and live/perform their job with integrity.  When your relationship with each other starts there, it’s impossible to have a poor experience.  As previously mentioned, Benchmark is different.  Jeremy’s mission and passion are special.  He is driven by supporting his customers and pulling off the best outcome for all involved.  His company’s effort and energy are unparalleled.  I take great pride in knowing Jeremy, his team and Benchmark Executive Search.