Michael Morell

Since 9/11, Jeremy King’s Benchmark Executive Search has a track record of helping technology innovators attract the talent they need to succeed in the marketplace.  What separates Benchmark from all the other search firms, however, is their passion for donating their time to help transition senior officials in the national security community from government to the private sector. Starting with helping Jose Rodriguez in 2008 match his talents to his first private sector senior role, Jeremy has played this “agent” role to over 100 seniors. It’s rare to have an honest-broker offer frank guidance, collective wisdom learned, and then passed on to the next generation for what works and what doesn’t.  Additionally, Jeremy opens his rolodex to help them build their portfolio of consulting, advisory and board roles. I have personally made dozens of introductions over the years, and they consistently say that Benchmark added value by not only finding matches for their talents but also by providing unparalleled career advice as well. For both his clients and the talent he finds, Jeremy and Benchmark deliver.