Lance Hamilton

Since 9/11, Jeremy King’s Benchmark has consistently demonstrated excellence in its ability to connect high-caliber, U.S. national-security leaders to meaningful positions in the private sector.  I believe there are 3 principle reasons behind Jeremy’s success. One; Jeremy is guided by a strong sense of national duty and honor.  This is an attribute that Jeremy shares with the very best men and women in our nation’s service. Two; Jeremy knows the unique strengths – and the weaknesses – of the men and women who have served in the highest echelons of the US Military and Intelligence community. He understands how to harness those strengths, in the right private sector positions and in a manner that will create great outcomes for the employee and the employer.  Just as importantly, Jeremy understands what the same cadre of men and women do not do well; but like a great coach, he knows how to play to strengths to produce wins and fulfilling second careers. Finally, Jeremy operates with impeccable integrity.  He is an open book and trusted broker with those whom he is seeking to place and clients alike; everyone knows what they have when it comes to Jeremy. For all of us who have had the privilege of knowing him, there is no greater compliment that we can pay him; Jeremy is a trusted and honorable man.