Jose Rodriguez Jr.

Coming in from the cold in 2008 into the private sector after a 30- year career in the Clandestine Service can be a very perplexing and frustrating experience. In my case, I came into the private sector at a time when my involvement in controversial programs was being challenged in the mass media with daily negative articles in the Washington Post and New York Times. It is not easy to transition into the private sector and secure employment under such circumstances. In comes Jeremy King with his vast array of trusted relationships and network in the private sector and national security arena coupled with his experience placing former senior government officials in private sector executive roles. Because of the high respect he engenders with companies and senior officials, his reputation for high integrity and for being an honest broker, he was able to place me in a challenging, interesting and rewarding job. Jeremy has a passion for placing talent in the right private sector roles and in doing so he develops strong and trusted relationships. I forever appreciate Jeremy for what he did for me at a difficult time and for what he has done the past decade for many colleagues transitioning into the private sector.