Bill Crowell

Benchmark and Jeremy are my “go to” resources for getting the right candidates for my portfolio and have used him many successful executive placements. Having been closely affiliated with Benchmark as an advisor for nearly 10 years, I can say Jeremy King has two very extraordinary approaches to his business of finding the right people for important positions in growing companies.  First, he spends the time to really understand the company’s needs and opportunities in the marketplace and to document the job specification so that everyone involved fully agrees on the kind of person that will succeed in that particular business.  Second, he searches for the perfect match, not just a person who can fill a job, but a person who will bring the energy, drive and knowledge that will make the company a resounding success.  I believe that his approach not only brings the right person to the job, but also brings the right company to the person.  He believes that highly qualified individuals will only apply their skills effectively when they want the company to excel as well as themselves.  He is trusted and has concentrated his searches in the IT and Cyber fields which has allowed him to build a vast network of candidates in almost every region of the US.