Costa Saab

Mr. Saab is a Managing Director with Valor Equity Partners, where he supports the firm’s capital raise and client service functions, as well as the sourcing, tracking and underwriting of potential investment opportunities. He first joined Valor as an executive in residence in 2019. Previously, Mr. Saab held numerous leadership positions at the CIA, including chief strategy officer, member of the CIA’s corporate board, acting assistant director, among other senior executive positions. Prior to joining the CIA in 2001, Mr. Saab was a consultant and entrepreneur in the management consulting and technology space.

Costa’s Comments on Benchmark:

Transitioning from a long-time mission-driven government career is one of the most challenging life experiences that one may face. One of the keys to making a successful transition is connecting and networking with like-minded, genuine, non-transactional and helpful individuals who are willing to provide honest, open, and most importantly productive advice and feedback. From all the select recruitment firms to the most well placed senior executives, Jeremy and his team — with their candor, extensive network, and deep understanding of both the commercial and government environments — have by far been the most insightful and decision-enabling advisors that I have had the privilege of meeting and working with.