The Hunt for Cybersecurity Leadership

This podcast episode features Jeremy King, president of Benchmark Executive Search, one of the most well-respected specialist cybersecurity-focused recruiting firms in the nation. With decades of CXO, VP, GM and board level executive search experience, Jeremy and his team work with top public companies and private equity & VC-backed technology innovators at the intersection of cybersecurity, national security, and corporate security. 

Cyber-attacks are growing in magnitude, complexity, and frequency, and these massive security lapses have left many companies vulnerable. To address this risk, Jeremy is leveraging his knowledge and network of experts in cybersecurity, physical security, insider threat, corporate espionage and risk management to identify next-generation leaders in the space. “These leaders,” he said recently, “protect America’s secrets and mitigate national security threats.” It has made the hunt for seasoned cybersecurity talent one of the top leadership priorities at American companies. Today, Jeremy takes us inside this important sector in this not-to-be missed podcast.

Listen in: