CEOs from National Security Sector Discuss Alternative Financing and Contract Strategies

Leaders within DoD, Intel and Tech Industries connect to identify solutions for tightening budgets and appropriations

Washington, D.C. – Approximately 60 leading CEO’s from companies that specialize in national security technologies and services gathered at a MissionLink event at the Tower Club in Vienna, VA., to hear from an expert panel of leaders from the Intelligence, technology and venture capital communities about alternative financing and contract strategies in the face of changing appropriations and procurement policies for national security and intelligence programs.

“It is good practice in the military to seek situational awareness before moving into new terrain, and the same holds true for CEOs moving into new sectors,” said Bob Gourley, former chief technology officer at Defense Intelligence Agency and MissionLink Advisory board member. “MissionLink provides enhanced situational awareness for private sector decision-makers who seek to serve the national security sector and therefore holds great potential for helping to enhance our nation’s performance in this area.”

The MissionLink panel, moderated by Alan Wade, former CIO of the CIA, consisted of Ray Owen, CEO of Farallon Research LLC and Michael Murray, founding partner of Blue Ocean Capital Partners, LLC.

Digital Reasoning CEO Tim Estes said, “MissionLink has made great strides bridging entrepreneurial enterprises and key government decision makers in a unique and effective way. I feel confident that emerging company leaders now have a substantially better understanding of the challenges and perspective of government leadership because of MissionLink. Concurrently, the direct access provided to those government leaders has allowed them to see new possibilities for innovation which are often filtered or gated by intermediaries. MissionLink is a new driver of innovation put into action through honest and direct dialogue- which is something we’ve needed in the community for a long time.”

MissionLink brings together CEOs, decision makers and critical thinkers from the most promising companies dedicated to the mission of defense, intelligence and national security. The platform fosters collaboration and innovation among these leaders. It also provides an ideal setting for networking, mentorship and knowledge sharing with peers.

“MissionLink is a major connection-vehicle for top thought leaders within the Department of Defense, Intel and Tech industries. It also brings the most promising CEOs and industry thought leaders together for the advancement of national security,” said Andrew Lustig, Partner of Cooley LLP and MissionLink Board Member.

Each month these hand-picked CEOs engage with a panel of experts to discuss current issues facing their companies, exchange ideas and meet other successful leaders in the field of national security. Upon completion of the year-long program, the participants are invited to a formal MissionLink graduation ceremony where the group explores ways to give back to the community and those who support the mission of national security.

About MissionLink
Founded by a local group of prominent business executives and former national security leaders, MissionLink brings together leading CEOs dedicated to the mission of defense, intelligence and national security for invitation-only forums designed to foster collaboration and innovation among industry decision makers, critical thinkers and pacesetters. MissionLink provides executives with an opportunity for peer to peer networking, mentorship and knowledge-sharing in an exclusive setting. Each month participants engage with a panel of experts to discuss current issues facing their companies, exchange ideas and meet other successful leaders in the field. MissionLink is sponsored by Argy, Wiltse & Robinson, P.C., Benchmark Executive Search Inc., Cooley LLP, Dutko Worldwide and Kipps DeSanto & Co.

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