Benchmark Executive Search Launches New Service to Connect Cybersecurity Experts

gov-300x201Benchmark Executive Search has launched Expert Network, a new service designed to match its network of experts, advisors and consultants with companies seeking to upgrade their corporate asset protection, risk management and cyber strategies.

To address the growing need for a full spectrum of enterprise risks in corporate boardrooms and at the C-suite, Benchmark has assembled a pool of ‘talent assets’ to assist organizations in re-evaluating their approach to risk management. The search firm has advocated that both public and private companies be vastly more vigilant about comprehensive risk management and cyber defense.

“Benchmark believes that maintaining the integrity and security of government information systems is vital for our national security,”

said Benchmark president Jeremy King.

“But maintaining public confidence in the private sector’s ability to protect intellectual property, business information, privacy, electronic financial transactions and critical infrastructure is equally vital to America’s economy and ultimately our way of life. That is the reason we are offering this service.”

A Broad Network of Leaders

“As I transitioned from the U.S. military as a general officer, the ranking career intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force and the chief of staff of U.S. Cyber Command, I had the opportunity to meet with several executive search firms,” said Jim Keffer, Major General (Ret), U.S. Air Force. “Benchmark was absolutely exceptional in their unique approach to listening to my goals, making targeted introductions to companies, other former officials and also invitations to exclusive events. I was also very impressed by their deep bench and broad network of extraordinary leaders and innovators. Benchmark’s total commitment to serving both their candidates and clients was evident.”

Benchmark, based in Reston, VA, is a boutique executive search firm with CXO, VP, GM and board level executive search experience. The firm works with top public companies, private equity and VC-backed technology innovators at the intersection of cybersecurity, national security, and corporate security.

Earlier this year, the firm launched a newly expanded board of directors practice which now serves Fortune 1000 clients. Benchmark was also inducted into Cyber20, a ranking of the nation’s top executive search firms dedicated to cybersecurity recruiting released this past spring by Hunt Scanlon Media.

Addressing Cyber Risk

“Having served on Benchmark’s advisory board for over 10 years, I have seen firsthand that they have earned the respect of their clients and candidates because of a deep understanding of this complex market — and not just joining the conversation, but leading, creating and often initiating thought leadership in areas of cybersecurity and risk,” said Andy Maner, former CFO of Department of Homeland Security.

“Cyberattacks are growing in magnitude, complexity, and frequency, and these massive security lapses have left many companies vulnerable,” said Mr. King. To address this risk, Benchmark is leveraging its knowledge and network of experts in cybersecurity, physical security, insider threat, corporate espionage and risk management to identify next-generation leaders in the space.

To help find those leaders, Benchmark added five new security and risk specialists to its expanded advisory board. “These leaders have helped protect America’s secrets and mitigate national security threats,” said Jeremy King, president of Benchmark. “They are now using their knowledge and unique insight to help corporate America protect its secrets and mitigate risks. I am humbled to have each of them join our team of advisors.”

The hunt for seasoned cybersecurity talent has seen a dramatic increase in the last two to three years, according to a recent special issue of search industry newsletter ESR devoted to cybersecurity. According to the report, recruiters are finding a lack of qualified candidates just as companies put a greater emphasis and give a higher priority to corporate security. “Cybersecurity is quickly transforming from an independent corporate functional focus to a full-fledged integrated business sector,” said Scott A. Scanlon, the report’s editor-in-chief and Hunt Scanlon founding chairman and CEO Scott A. Scanlon. “That’s the biggest change we’ve seen.”

Mr. Scanlon said that as a result of this shift, demand for cybersecurity experts is exceeding the available supply by a “widening margin.”