Benchmark’s Federal Advisory Board

Benchmark assembled our own internal advisory board to bring together people with the common interest of connecting people, technology and solutions together with the right companies to make America stronger. Our advisors provide us with valuable insight into government trends and initiatives, what technology investment areas are most critical, new game changing technologies and access to the people and companies making a difference.

Our advisory board members were government executives in national security, intelligence, cyber security, defense, homeland security and state and includes people such as:

Intelligence Community: NSA

William Crowell – Former Deputy Director, National Security Agency (NSA)
Dr. Prescott Winter – Former CIO and CTO, National Security Agency (NSA)
Fran Landolf – Former Chief of Cryptoanalysis, National Security Agency (NSA)

Intelligence Community: CIA

Gus Hunt – Former Chief Technology Officer
Robert Richer – Former Associate Deputy Director for Operations, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Major General Mike Ennis – Former Deputy Director for Community HUMINT, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Bob Flores – Former CTO, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Alan Wade – Former CIO, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

National Security Council

Melissa Hathaway – Former Senior Director for Cyberspace (NSC)

Defense Department

LTG Rhett Hernandez – Former Commander Army Cyber
Bob Butler – Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber and Space Policy (DoD)
Honorable Tidal “Ty” McCoy – Former Acting Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the US Air Force (USAF)
Bob Gourley – Former CTO, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Department of Homeland Security

Michael Jackson – Former Deputy Secretary, Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Andy Maner – Former CFO, Department of Homeland Security (DHS)